At Phoenix we recognize that student involvement in the community and with their peers is a key component to student success, both in and outside the classroom.  Student clubs and organizations allow our students to pursue their interests and be a part of something.


Community 101 is a course that also functions like a student organization.  This program provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and community awareness through civic engagement and professional development. Along with fundraising, completing campus beautification projects, and logging many hours of community volunteer service, students work collaboratively to complete an annual grant project. This project consist of students, as a class, developing a mission statement that is used to determine to who they will award a $5,000 grant given to them by the Crane Creek of the Oregon Community Foundation.  Students also coordinate and execute an annual grant award ceremony & volunteer recognition breakfast for the school.  Current sights that students are involved with are the Wildlife Safari and Roseburg Parks.


Maggie Ulman, Social Studies Teacher


The Phoenix Fishing Club is for both male and female students at Phoenix who have the desire to get out and enjoy the great Umpqua watershed.  Trips include opportunities to learn fishing with Dave Forney, Glen Webster, Vic Falgout and other great mentors who fish locally.

The club meets periodically in the fall and Spring.  We discuss fishing tackle and fishing strategies.  Three to four fishing trips take place at Cooper Creek Reservoir, Galesville Reservoir and Lemolo Lake.  The students have options to take out the school canoes or troll in a boat provided by the mentors listed above.  When opportunities arise, the club often smokes their catch and share it with family and friends who wish to support the club. Fish on!!!!!


Dave Forney, Counselor


The Phoenix School Band Project is a rock and roll styled band. We focus on doing music which appeals to the student and which is within their capabilities. We also learn some blues and jazz and songs referred to as "standards". The music program consists of two class periods with a mix of abilities, from beginner to advanced all in the same class learning to play together.

We learn the importance of teamwork and how great it feels to make good music. There is something really satisfying about being part of something that, when put together is greater than the sum of its parts. Learning to play an instrument and to make music is also a valuable and therapeutic coping skill which the students take with them in their life. Also, there are not just a few musicians who make some extra money on the weekends playing gigs and doing something they love. The kids involved in the Phoenix School Band Project are in just that sort of band.


Justus Mackintosh, Instructional Assistant


Phoenix Trades is all about exploration of the building trades careers and apprenticeships and preparing students to become qualified applicants for entry level job opportunities of all types.  Students concentrate on learning safe work place practices, personal responsibility, the value of a good attitude and reliability in the work force, and how to take skills learned in the classroom and apply them to the built environment. Additional skills are gained such as how to follow written, verbal, and drawn instructions and how to apply your experiences in an interesting way for a job or apprenticeship interview. 

Currently, Phoenix Trades program is concentrating on the construction and industrial trades industries. The advisor and the students hope to incorporate a handyman approach as the program grows. We would like to see ourselves helping out with repairs and maintenance of the school, as well as our local senior and veteran community. Trades students work all year to raise money for an annual trades conference in Portland through hosting bingo nights, garage sales, and bake sales.


Sam Batman, Advisor