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High school and the diploma are no longer an end point. No moving from one box to the next.  Our high school intends to be a process of learning where students create individual pathways and move along them in directions and at rates related to their needs, interests, and potentials.

Early College

The Early College Program at the Phoenix School provides an opportunity for academically qualified seniors to get a head start on their college careers while concurrently completing their high school graduation requirements.

Career and Technical Education

Hands-on, applied learning is one of the core values at Phoenix Charter School. Blending traditional high school subjects with in the field activities keeps things fresh. Through real-life activities our students also get out of the classroom and into the community! Sounds great right?


Youth Connects

Youth Connects is a place to help learn valuable skills for school aged and community college students to connect with others, be a member of a team, and help your community.

Youth Corps

Phoenix Youth Corps, a program of Oregon Youth Corps (OYC) seeks to connect at-risk youth with their local community, through a variety of service-learning projects, paid, and intern work experiences throughout Douglas County.

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