Here are some common questions and answers about attending Phoenix, if you don’t see your answer here please send us an email at adavis@roseburgphoenix.com or call us at 541-673-3036 and we can help.

What is Phoenix Charter School?

Phoenix Charter School is a public high school that is open to all students residing in Douglas County.  Phoenix Charter School is sponsored by Roseburg Public Schools.

Do Phoenix students graduate with a diploma?

Yes! Phoenix Charter School is accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and awards high school diplomas.

Who can enroll in Phoenix Charter School?

Phoenix accepts students grades 8-12. Acceptance is not competitive, though space is limited.

Can I still play sports if I attend Phoenix Charter School?

Yes, Phoenix Students are eligible to participate in sports programs offered by their home school district.

What kind of school supplies will I need, is there a list?

Phoenix Charter School provides classroom supplies for our students, we do not have a required list of supplies for students to purchase on their own.  

Does Phoenix have breakfast and lunch program for students?

Yes, the school provides breakfast and lunch to all students free of charge.

Why do students choose to attend Phoenix Charter School?

Phoenix offers small class sizes, career learning opportunities, clear pathways to college and a learning environment that is specifically focused to students’ interests and skill levels.

Does Phoenix Charter School charge tuition?

No, Phoenix students do not pay tuition.

Do you have to live in Roseburg to attend?

No, Phoenix students are from throughout Douglas County, you do not have to live in Roseburg to attend.

Does Phoenix provide transportation to school?

School bus transportation is available for our students in most areas.  Follow the links for the Roseburg bus schedule and the South County bus schedule.

Is Phoenix Charter School easier than other high schools?

No, Phoenix students are required to complete the same state testing and have the same graduation requirements as other public high schools in Oregon. Phoenix is designed to meet the needs of students through a hands-on learning approach so the coursework is often different than traditional high school environments.   

Are Phoenix Charter School teachers highly qualified?

Yes, Phoenix has highly qualified teachers.  All teachers at Phoenix are licensed and registered with the Oregon Teacher Standards & Practices Commission (TSPC).