The Phoenix LOFT Program

Learning on the Fast Track (LOFT) is a self-contained learning program designed to accommodate students who wish to complete their high school studies more quickly than in a traditional classroom setting.  LOFT has a licensed teacher in the classroom at all times to help students as they complete their assignments through the online system Odysseyware. Students work at their own pace to complete the courses necessary to graduate.

Students enrolled in LOFT may also participate in the LOFT Artisan Workshop, where students have the opportunity to learn skills they may not see in a traditional school environment.  Some examples of artisan projects include cheese making, bread making, summer sausage making, and soap making.  The soap making has allowed the students to not only learn how to make soap, but also given them the opportunity to develop their business skills.  The student made soap is sold at the Umpqua Local Goods store in downtown Roseburg, which adds an additional aspect to the learning process including marketing, inventory, salesmanship, and organizational skills.

To be eligible for the LOFT program students must be either a junior or senior, have 7 or less credits left to graduate, be a capable reader, and prefer self-directed learning. Students schedule a minimum of 20 hours per week between the hours of 6:30am and 2:30pm in our quite, teacher staffed, open classroom environment. LOFT students may attend traditional scheduled classes, such as PE, as needed with instructor approval.  

If you feel like the LOFT program may be a good fit for your academic needs, please check out our Enrollment page to schedule an orientation.