Computer Technology

Phoenix Courses:

PT Introduction to Virtual Worlds

This course introduces students to virtual worlds through gaming and helps them develop the skills necessary to learn how to customize avatars and learn to navigate the virtual world.  This course will help students utilize problem solving techniques, use logic to understand the basics of computer code, understand the early stages of PRIM construction, and keep track of development.

PT Intermediate Virtual Worlds

This C++ Programming course provides an opportunity for students to gain expertise in computer programs using the C++ language. As with more general computer programming courses, the emphasis is on how to write logically structured programs, include appropriate documentation, and use problem solving techniques. More advanced topics may include dimensional arrays, functions, and records.  Pre-requisite of Intro to Virtual Worlds or Instructor Approval.

PT Advanced Virtual Worlds                              

This course builds off of the information learnt in Intermediate Virtual Worlds, students will refine their skills in computer programs using the C++ language, HTML, and PRIM building.  Students will write code to perform functions, understand the basics of mesh construction, learn basic script programming, and incorporate real life media into the virtual world. Pre-requisite of Intermediate Virtual Worlds or Instructor Approval.

PT Cellphone Apps

This course focuses on computer and information technology to teach students to operate and use computer and information technology, emphasizing their role as a tools to communicate more effectively, conduct research more efficiently, and increase productivity. Course content includes the legal and ethical issues involved with computer technology and use.  Pre-requisite of Algebra or Instructor Approval.  

PT Tech Production: 3D Printing

This course provides students with the opportunity to learn to design using CAD software and apply their designs through the use of a 3 dimensional printer. Students will create 3D designs in CAD and learn how to properly set up and operate a 3D printer.

PT Cooperative Work Experience: Lab Technician

This course prepares students to apply basic electronic theory and principles in diagnosing and repairing personal computers and input/output devices by completing hands-on computer maintenance at Phoenix School. Duties may include operating, installing, maintaining, and repairing computers, network systems, digital control instruments, programmable controllers, and related robotics. Students will learn about and work with CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables, identify and use tools and utilities, identify PC components and PC assembly as well as understand the process of trouble shooting, diagnosing issues and repair. Instructor Approval required.


HTL Health Care Sciences: Pathology

This course focuses on the causes, mechanisms and morphologies of a broad spectrum of human diseases. The course explores human pathology, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and digestive diseases.  


Teacher: C.J. Bryant,